M A ( I ) N L Y

This quartet behaves different. The 4 particular individuals conforming the group communicate and relate to each other following social codes that differ from what our perception has been used to. Cause and effect break our understanding of consequentiality. Each action has either a sharp effect on somebody else or a subtle resonance in the bodies’ constellation. The machinery is complex and each piece is crucial. Masculinity is the topic that embraces a game on communication, sensitivity, power and identity.

And because effect creates affect, the link between these young male bodies get enormously empowered and stays vibrant the whole piece. Audience navigates between the curious will deciphering the established code -is the situation an opera, a competition, a random situation, pure entertainment…, and the aimless joy witnessing human attempts on communication.

Choreography: Carles Casallachs. Performance: Alex Deijmann, Martijn Joling, Pietari Kärki, Bruno Morais.Advise: Aitana Cordero. Music: Famous Composers



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