Post Apocalyptic Traces of an Indulgent Spectacle

Constant mutation of what hopelessly remains the same…”

 “This piece appears as an oracle, a performative oracle. An attempt to reconfigure an old moral spirituality in a ‘new’ alternative spirituality. Everything is mystical yet not illusory. This obviously in the employment of every possibility available in the theatre. Seems that “Post Apocalyptic Traces” are all inclusive and able to include whatever, actually this is par excellence a quasi-performance that allies to any territory of life: a psychedelic atmosphere of flora and fauna, art, witchcraft and technology… Its strong point remains in the absurdity of a deliberate fooling around, of wasting time in between recognizable spaces, sliding in indiscernibility and indulging with multple materials, and its realms.”

b. listopad



Choreography. Carles Casallachs
Video Installation. Pedro Matias
Advise. Gonnie Heggen & Nora Heilmann
Michael Nyman, Sheep 39 n 39 Tides.
Paul Horn, Joy to the world. Enlightment.
Dr. Mensus Omerbashich, Comet Elenin Forecast and the Hopi Blue Star Kachina.
Boys Noize, Frau Feat. I-robots.
Cosmo, Nanotechnology.
Rihanna, We found love.
Made with the support of.
Technical De
partment AHK, Decór Atelier AHK, Ellen Van Haeringen, Dennis Gilanders, Nadja Van der Weide, Hakim Ouladmaadouma, Théo Van Esch , Maureen Krumeich, Shimon Datauker, Gabriel Smeets, Clara Amaral, Setareh Fatehi, Giuseppe Vincent.


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